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Proforma Professional Business Solutions Opens Offices in Australia and China

Proforma Professional Business Solutions (asi/300094) has opened new offices in Sydney, Australia, and Jiangsu, China, to expand its international presence. This is in addition to the Austin, TX-based company’s existing offices in England and Canada.

Proforma Professional Business Solutions (asi/300094) co-owner Bethany Brevard

“We are thrilled to be opening two more international offices and increasing our global footprint,” said co-owner Bethany Brevard in a statement. “Large accounts have come to expect their marketing partners to have unlimited resources, yet also be able to provide personalized, local service. With Proforma’s support and extensive supplier network, we are able to connect those dots. As we continue to grow our business we are looking forward to providing creative marketing solutions to all our clients worldwide.”

Proforma Professional Business Solutions is one of Proforma’s fastest-growing companies, and has earned six Centurion awards over the past eight years for increasing sales by more than $100,000 over the previous year. Brevard is a member of Proforma’s Million Dollar Club and the recipient of multiple industry awards, most recently the Women’s Leadership Award for her support and guidance within the Proforma Network.

“One of the biggest advantages of working with a company with an international presence is that it opens up a world of possibilities for our clients’ marketing programs with the ease of working with just one company,” said Brevard. “We do it all for our clients. From program development to execution and delivery, we are their one source with infinite resources. They know their marketing programs are in good hands and that we will protect their brand integrity throughout the supply chain, ensuring consistency and quality.”

Proforma Professional Business Solutions specializes in providing complete business solutions for Fortune 500 companies, including employee recruitment and retention programs that require sourcing, fulfilment and delivery to global locations.