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Halfway through the year, the 10 participants in ASI Media’s Project 2021 report robust sales and rapid growth in the event market. One distributor even recorded its best-ever month in June, breaking into seven-figure monthly sales for the first time. Despite all the positive news, promo companies are dealing with a few major issues hampering unfettered growth – namely, supply chain disruption that’s causing inventory shortfalls and order fulfillment delays. Many are also struggling with hiring, a pain point that tracks with the nationwide trend of record job openings and surging numbers of people quitting.

All year long, ASI Media has been following the recovery of a cross-section of industry players across the United States and Canada – from one-person operations to Top 40 multinational firms. Each month, we check in to learn about their unique challenges and celebrate their hard-won successes. You can read the previous installment of the series here. Stay tuned for the next installment, which will be published at the end of July.