Web Exclusive

McDonald's Transforms Happy Meal Into VR Headset

Facebook has Oculus Rift. Microsoft has HoloLens. Google has Cardboard. For the latest release in virtual reality, look beyond the tech world and through the Golden Arches. McDonald’s has developed what it’s calling “Happy Goggles,” virtual reality glasses that can be created by folding up a Happy Meals box and pairing it with a smartphone.

According to a press release from the fast-food giant, the VR experiment (currently available only in Sweden) is “a test designed to modernize the Happy Meal and provide a digital experience in addition to the physical toys usually found in the box.”

In conjunction with the Happy Goggles, McDonald’s is launching a skiing game this Friday called “Slope Stars,” endorsed by the Swedish National Ski Team.

If the initiative proves popular in Sweden, perhaps we’ll all be able to get a side of VR with our burgers in the near future.