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Bracelet Promises to Replace Your Daily Coffee

Tired of waiting in long lines at the coffee shop for your daily fix? A Canadian startup promises to let you wear your caffeine, rather than drink it. And, no, not by spilling that coveted cup of Joe all over your clean, white shirt. Instead, the company is pitching the Joule Caffeine Bracelet, a simple silicone strap with a space to snap in a transdermal caffeine patch. The patch provides a controlled release of caffeine through the skin, and the company that created Joule says it provides all of the benefits of coffee, with none of the drawbacks.

The company recently raised more than $70,000 on Indiegogo to manufacture its energy bracelets, so there’s clearly a market for this product. For $55, backers received two bracelets and a supply of 60 caffeine patches, which work for about four hours each. The crowdfunding price is 20% lower than the projected retail price of the product.

Would you give up your morning latte for one of these bean-less bracelets?