5 Tips for Cashing In On Health Care

Selling in the health and wellness market is no easy feat, but it’s worth the effort. Here are five tips for cashing in on opportunities within this sector.

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1. Partner with companies outside of the industry to provide the best solutions. Distributors aren’t experts at measuring health improvement data, implementing diet and exercise regimens or managing employee stress, but there are plenty of companies that specialize in these areas and need an incentive and reward component.

2. Practice what you preach. Set up a wellness program at your company to see what works and what doesn’t. Selling from a place of honesty and experience is key – plus you’re likely to improve your own wellbeing.

3. Educate yourself on health-care policies and regulations. Knowing how these new rules affect your client’s bottom line will make all the difference in the solutions you pitch for their specific challenges. Listen to webinars and podcasts, and attend health-care and insurance trade shows to gain current knowledge of what’s happening in this field.

4. Ask for referrals. Many health-care companies are connected to other branches or divisions that need branded solutions. Once your foot is in the door with one hospital or health clinic, ask for referrals to other units, clinics or departments. Repeat orders from these types of clients keep the revenue stream flowing.

5. Follow consumer trends and economic forecasts. The health-care industry profits as the economy picks up because people can now afford to get their teeth cleaned, prescriptions filled and therapy sessions completed. If you’re keeping a close eye on the general market trends, you’ll know the right times to target health care and wellness clients to help them promote their businesses. Hint: the time is now.