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Martian Releases Discreet Smartwatches

For Martian Watches, it’s all about discretion. The California-based wireless tech developer showed off a new collection of smartwatches and jewelry at CES 2016 that provide discreet notifications to the wearer. “We take a little different approach” than other wearable tech companies, says Tabitha Bailey, a spokeswoman for Martian. “Most people already have a $600 to $700 phone that does everything. We’re just trying to make somebody more efficient.”

Martian’s Kindred vip is a line of sleek watches for women, featuring a case in ion-plated rose gold, black or polished stainless steel. Unlike other tech-heavy smartwatches, the Kindred has no discernable technology on the face, only a small LED alert light on the side. Users can set up a VIP list and define various vibration patterns in combination with seven unique consumer-assigned LED color notifications through the companion app. That way, Bailey says, the wearer knows right away whether a call or text is important. “It’s kind of like Morse Code,” she says of the different vibration patterns a user can set up. Other features include a built-in accelerometer for step and sleep tracking. The watches start at $195.

Martian’s men’s watches, the new mVoice collection, feature a directional speaker and noise-canceling microphone to allow wearers to access the smartphone’s voice command functions and receive spoken messages. Users can place calls, send voice-to-text messages and emails, listen and respond to messages, set calendar notifications, request music selections and more through the watch. The watches start at $275.

The women’s line doesn’t include voice functionality, Bailey says, to keep the “form factor” of the watch smaller. “Women’s biggest complaint was the size of the original [Martian watch],” she adds.