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Swag Styles of the Rich and Famous

Luxury branded items prove pricing is all about perception, not inherent value.

Move over, silver spoon. We’ve discovered an icon of inherited wealth for a new generation: the silver crazy straw. That’s right, for a mere $250, you can sip your champagne in delightful decadence, thanks to the artisans at Tiffany. The sterling silver straw, with its instantly recognizable Tiffany Blue enamel accent, is either brilliant branding or master-level trolling. And it’s not the only piece of head-scratching luxury swag Tiffany – and other high-end destinations – has to offer. 

If straws aren’t to your taste, what about a $300 Tiffany yo-yo, handcrafted from sterling silver and American walnut? Or a $500 Tiffany pillbox, also silver? Or you could shell out $1,500 for a sterling silver “coffee can” to display cut flowers in unassuming style. They’re all part of Tiffany’s Everyday Objects collection, which also includes a $275 silver-and-glass pencil sharpener (three Tiffany Blue pencils thoughtfully included) and a silver protractor for $425.

Not wanting to be left out, Louis Vuitton offers a table tennis set for $2,210. “Ideal for travel, this sporty set includes two professionally designed ping-pong paddles, regulation balls in a custom holder and an exclusive cover crafted of masculine Monogram Eclipse canvas, accented with an LV Circle medal,” according to the luxury design house’s website. The site also features a $545 jump rope, made of a leather strand and monogrammed canvas handles. Or a pack of Louis Vuitton playing cards in a leather pouch for $485.

We often talk about the importance of perceived value when it comes to increasing profit margins. This collection of items is perhaps the perfect illustration of that point: When it comes to pricing merchandise, perception plays a bigger role than inherent value.