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Smart Bracelet Helps Capture Unforgettable Moments

Think about the last time you tried and failed to capture the perfect moment on camera. Perhaps you were at the beach and saw a dolphin bursting from the ocean, but by the time you pulled out your phone and started the camera app, the dolphin was gone. It’s a common dilemma, according to Giulio Cesarelli, CEO of Italian tech firm Cleep. In fact, 80% of people his company surveyed complained of missing memorable moments, especially when traveling. “Having to always hold their smartphones to capture anything interesting was stressful and diverted their attention from living the moment to record it instead,” he says.

Smart Bracelet Helps Capture Unforgettable Moments

To solve the problem, Cesarelli and his team developed the Cleep, a smart bracelet that features a wide-angle HD camera, in addition to activity tracking and phone notification capabilities. The bracelet includes 8 GB of internal memory, allowing storage of hundreds of photos and videos. It also pairs with a smartphone app to allow the user to view, manage and transfer data. To work Cleep, the wearer simply presses the button on the upper part of the bracelet. A short vibration and flashing LED light indicates that the gadget is recording. Once the moment is captured, the LED stops flashing and there’s a second short vibration.

To work Cleep, just press the button located on the upper part of the bracelet, facing you. Then, a short vibration and a flashing LED light will show the bracelet is recording. When the moment is captured, the LED will stop flashing and there will be a second short vibration. Cleep has an 8 GB internal memory that stores hundreds of photos and videos that can be transferred via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on your smartphone or tablet.

The Cleep is in the midst of being funded via Kickstarter. As of early December, 70 backers had pledged more than $32,000 toward the company’s nearly $36,000 goal. The company expects to start shipping preorders of the smart bracelet in July 2018. Preorders of the Cleep are on sale for roughly $149, which the company says is half of its eventual retail price.