Case Study: A Quirky Promo For New Mothers

Working for a big company can sometimes make an employee feel as though they are simply an interchangeable part of a huge, impersonal machine, instead of an individual with his or her own experiences.

So when a large poultry manufacturer approached Production Creek Specialty Advertising (asi/299743), the challenge presented was to design a promotion that would reinforce the company’s ideals of strong families, while letting its people know that they were more than just another name on a timesheet.

“This customer was so large,” says Production Creek’s Jessica Johnson, “that their Human Resources department decided they wanted to do something special for all the new babies being born to their employees.”

Working together with the client, Production Creek created a unique and whimsical gift to help all the new mothers and fathers celebrate their big event. “We put their logo on a bib and onesie,” says Johnson. “Then we rolled them up, put them on poultry-shaped Styrofoam and shrink-wrapped them. Finally, we put the company’s normal poultry labels on the package and printed ‘Future ABC Poultry Employee’ on the label. The company generally orders from 48 to 144 for each year depending on how bad our winters get here in Nebraska.”

Johnson says the employees love receiving the baby items, and (more importantly than simply receiving a gift) “they love knowing that their place of employment values family.”