4 Ways To Warm Your Sales

Inspire outerwear sales this fall and winter by focusing on performance-rich thermal and system jackets

Today’s best options are rich in features, such as waterproofing, breathability and high-loft polyfill. Be the expert who owns the cold. Here are four cool style guidelines to keep you covered:

1. Not just any fill will do.
Puffy jackets are popular and you’ll find many on the market. The key is choosing the right fill technology. Look for ultra-lightweight thermal fill so that the quilted jacket looks sleek and fitted.

A synthetic polyfill insulation will keep you warm and perform much better than down in wet environments. For added measure, choose a high-density, water-repellent outer shell, insulated hood and nylon taffeta lining. All features you will find in this Men’s Gravity Thermal Jacket (#AFP-1) from Stormtech – a jacket that provides enhanced thermal properties for maximum protection.

4 Ways To Warm Your Sales

2. Is it tough enough?
Ensure your clients are protected and prepared for extreme cold with technologies that have been tested and rated for these temperatures. For example, this Men’s Black Ice Thermal Jacket (#X-1) is recommended for conditions ranging from 32°F to -4°F. Stormtech provides a rating system for each of its outerwear garments, showing a level of water resistance, breathability and range of appropriate temperatures to make it easy to compare and choose the right garment for your client’s conditions. 

3. Offer versatility.
The more wear your client gets out of a jacket, the more exposure their brand receives.

A choice like this Men’s Snowburst Thermal Shell (#EB-3) provides maximum waterproof protection and warmth in all weather conditions, leading to more use throughout the year. Useful features include fully sealed seams, waterproof zippers, a detachable hood, an ultra-lightweight, high-performance, H2XTREME® outer shell and a quilted polyfill lining for insulation.

 4 Ways To Warm Your Sales

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