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Content marketing is vital for businesses, especially in the pandemic era when so many eyeballs are glued to social media for entertainment and education. “This is where people are looking for information,” says Jessica Gibbons-Rauch, a partner at Trendependent and a speaker at the 2022 ASI Shows.

A smart social media and content marketing strategy can humanize brands, both large and small. But how do you get started when there are so many platforms to choose from? And what if content creation doesn’t come naturally to you? In a preview of her sessions planned for ASI Shows, Gibbons-Rauch talks with ASI Media’s Theresa Hegel about how to get started with content marketing.

If you’re just getting started, Gibbons-Rauch advises brands and small business owners to stick with what they know and like. Don’t just jump onto TikTok, say, if you hate the platform. The lack of authenticity will show, and be detrimental, rather than beneficial, to your brand.

And if you’re stuck on what types of content to post, consider this: “Your own story is interesting,” Gibbons-Rauch says. Find ways to tell that story and showcase your expertise, whether it’s through a blog post, a short behind-the-scenes video or something else.

Most important, though, is to keep the social in social media. That means joining the conversation – answering people who reach out to your business and commenting on other people’s posts. “It’s a telephone, not a TV,” Gibbons-Rauch says of social media. “It’s not just post and pray.”

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