Canva Enters Custom Print Market in U.S.

Canva, a popular graphic design website, is ready to take on custom printing giants like Vistaprint, Moo and Zazzle. This week, the Australian company is rolling out Canva Print in the U.S., powered by RPI Print. Rollouts in Australia, Europe, Japan and Brazil will follow.

Canva Enters Custom Print Market in U.S.

Canva users will be able to get their custom designs printed on everything from business cards to T-shirts, all delivered to their doorstep within four days.

“Anyone who’s ever tried to design their own business cards or print a poster will know what a pain it can be,” Canva co-founder Melanie Perkins told Australia’s Financial Review. “Whether it’s trying to get your home printer to work, having to drive to the nearest Kinkos or making do with a limited online tool, we don’t think that’s the way print should be done.”

The print business is expected to be lucrative for Canva, where its more than 10 million users generate 2.5 million printable designs each month. Prior to this new initiative, the designers had to port their creations to sites like Vistaprint if they wanted them printed. In the U.S., the custom printing industry generates more than $9 billion each year. Vistaprint accounts for a $1.78 billion slice of that pie.

However, Perkins is confident Canva Print will be a competitive player. “Our difference to them is our intuitiveness – one click takes care of the entire printing and delivery process,” Perkins told the Financial Review.