Get Cozy with a Bathrobe

When the weather turns cold, its instinct for people to turn to the most comfortable and cozy thing they can find. Throw comfort and warmth into one with the Tahoe microfleece shawl collar robe (RP2007) from Terry Town (asi/90913; circle 112 on Free Info Card). This luxurious robe, made of 100% microfiber polyester fleece fabric, is perfect for end-users to curl up with a hot chocolate in any hotel or spa – even the wearer’s own home. Add in relaxed apparel and accesories for the ultimate in leisure. This is one package no one will want to check out of.

Alternative ladies melange burnout tee (2648) from S&S Activewear (asi/84358; circle 76 on Free Info Card). Screen printed by Mojo Art and Image (asi/275280; circle 113 on Free Info Card)

Classic sweatpant (HVT450) from American Apparel (asi/35297; circle 97 on Free Info Card). Decorated by Mojo Art and Image (asi/275280; circle 113 on Free Info Card).

Capri stripes cotton tote (7900-40) from Leed’s (asi/66887; circle 114 on Free Info Card).

Navy fleece blanket (VFTB-002) from Wolfmark (asi/98085; circle 95 on Free Info Card).

Fuzzy slipper socks from Wov-In (asi/92980; circle 115 on Free Info Card).