The Latest in Tech Accessories

There’s more to tech accessories than gloves and bags. “Tech accessories are hot items overall, and wearable technology is the latest trend,” says Viktorya Kooistra, director of marketing & communications at Toddy Gear (asi/91411).“We are seeing the popularity of wearable accessories on the rise for everything from smartwatches, fitness trackers and devices that help you find your keys to portable devices and wearables that charge your smartphone.”

The 100% microfiber wedge (TOY-W) from Toddy Gear (asi/91411; circle 124 on Free Info Card) operates as a mobile device stand and as a screen cleaner.

Picking up on the trend, Toddy Gear offers a full menu of items that help care for and energize electronic devices. “Our portfolio ranges from the original Smart Cloth Premium Microfiber Cloth to the one-of-a-kind The Wedge Mobile Device Stand to microfiber pouches that offer a double-drawstring closure or zip closure, cinch packs and more,” Kooistra says. “All of our premium microfiber products are dual-purpose.” The Wedge, for example, not only offers a plush and silky side to clean and polish screens, respectively, but it also operates as a stand for phones, e-readers and gaming devices.

Pop! Promos (asi/45657) has been inspired to expand its tech accessories as well. “Our sticky wallet, cleaner and stand all take advantage of an accessory that nearly every adult has with them at all times: the cellphone,” Marketing Assistant Kelly Shermer says. “It puts your client’s branding in a high visibility area – and they are conversation starters. The wallet holds your ID, money, credit cards; the cleaner will remove residue time after time; and the stand will prop your phone up on the go while adhering right to the back of your cellphone and can be a billboard for any company. Any of these products are universal; they can be paired with touchscreen gloves, sunglasses or a Brandana to make a great promotion!”

Pairing tech accessories opens the door for distributors to make more sales. Shermer says, “Anyone that carries a credit card and has a phone would be a good market for the wallets and touchscreen gloves. This is what makes the product universal. We have seen great success in the education market (considering the demographic) and financial institutions to reach a captive audience.”

Case History

A growing tech company wanted a promotion focused on increasing awareness and growing its subscription base while its employees were on a cross-country tour. Its distributor turned to Toddy Gear (asi/91411) for a solution. “Working with a distributor sales representative, Toddy Gear was able to assist by coming up with product ideas as well as deliver photorealistic virtuals that worked with the customer’s goals,” says Viktorya Kooistra, director of marketing & communications at Toddy Gear. After talking with the distributor about the goals of the promotion and the setting of the giveaway, the supplier recommended two items: the Smart Charge Charger Kit 2600 (pictured) and the Pocket Toddy cleaning cloth. “Both items are great for on-the-go,” Kooistra says. “The Charge Kit powers mobile devices and provides convenient storage. This gift solves the problem that everyone faces when out at a festival: a dead battery on your smartphone. The other item, the Pocket Toddy, easily attaches to a wearable/backpack to provide brand exposure wherever the wearer goes and cleans tech devices like tablets and smartphones, as well as eyewear.”

The positive outcome led the distributor’s sales representative to present the Toddy Gear items and other products to the tech company. “Both Toddy Gear solutions were selected to be a part of their promotional program,” Kooistra says. “Once completed, the program delivered a 15% increase in the tech company’s subscriptions. The branded items continue to drive brand awareness to this day.”