Tech Tidbits: New Pebble Watch Announced

The makers of Pebble Watch, the most popular smartwatch, have announced plans to release a new version of its signature timepiece in May. Pebble Time features an all-new operating system, color e-paper display and a thinner, more ergonomic shape than the company’s earlier model, the original Pebble Watch. It’s also daylight readable, durable and water-resistant. The company says one complete charge lasts a full seven days.

The device offers fitness tracking and allows wearers to reply to incoming messages and record notes using the device’s built-in microphone. All notifications and apps are displayed in an easy-to-read chronological timeline, with a “present” default setting that shows current weather, stock information and time. While the original Pebble Watch only accommodated eight apps, the new Pebble Time comes with the capacity for an unlimited number of installations.

Instead of making the watch available in stores right away, Pebble debuted the Time with a Kickstarter campaign, as it did with its original version. The campaign reached its $500,000 goal in less than half an hour, and raised $1 million in just 49 minutes, making it the fastest funding project in the history of the site, according to Kickstarter.

“It’s not that big of an assumption to say Apple is putting a lot of effort into the space,” Pebble’s CEO Eric Migicovsky told Business Insider. “One of the reasons why is people who backed us on Kickstarter demonstrated there’s a market for it. We still need people’s support. We’re a small company battling the largest company in the world. One of the ways we think we can do that is taking the fight to the users that actually matter. If you support us, we’ll continue.”