Texas Decorator Launches T-shirt Fundraiser

RiverCity Sportswear (asi/309087) created a T-shirt fundraiser to help rebuild its central Texas community after severe flooding earlier this year.

After massive flooding swept across central Texas in late May, leaving towns like San Marcos devastated, RiverCity Sportswear (asi/309087) kicked into gear. The decorator, which has offices in Austin and San Marcos, wasn’t directly affected by the storms, but wanted to do something to help the victims. More than 700 homes in San Marcos were either damaged or destroyed in the floods, according to reports.

“When the flood happened, I had the idea of selling T-shirts in order to fundraise money for all of those affected in the area,” says Richard Lopez, director of sales at RiverCity Sportswear. “There are obviously a lot of people and organizations that are in need. … We also know that funds are going to dry up for a lot of nonprofit organizations pretty quickly due to damage in the area.” The shop fast-tracked the creation of an e-commerce page and designed a T-shirt, featuring the image of Texas composed of words related to the flooding: “record storms,” “Texas strong,” “swept away” and “pull together,” for example.

RiverCity hasn’t set a specific goal for the impromptu fundraising effort, but within 12 hours of launching, the company had already sold 80 shirts. All of the proceeds are being funneled into rebuilding the community, funding various regional nonprofits.

Theresa Hegel is a senior staff writer for Stitches. Follow her on Twitter @theresahegel. Contact: