SOI 2021: Healthy Gains for Healthcare Market

Amid much shifting, there’s a new number-one industry for promo.

As our nation’s medical workers were putting their lives on the line every day, somebody had to deliver the supplies and appreciation gifts that kept them safe and motivated. Promo companies delivered. And as a result, there’s a new number-one market for the first time in seven years. Healthcare wasn’t the only winner in 2020; government sales jumped, as did retail and nonprofits. Education, the previous top market, took a slight tumble, and others like manufacturing, hospitality and finance suffered steeper declines. As our lives return to normal, the breakdown will surely shift again next year.

SOI 2021: Healthy Gains for Healthcare Market

3 Observations

1. The largest distributors benefited the most from the government’s promo windfall.

2. Retail (which includes both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar) is on the upswing.

3. Unsurprisingly, hospitality (restaurants, travel and lodging) suffered a decline