Going Live

Looking For Promotions At Live Events

Our editors traveled to four live events to see how logoed apparel is energizing promotions and building brands.

Downtown concerts, holiday parades and a trip to the ballpark – they all create some of the enduring moments of spring and summer. And while snapping a few pictures can capture memories, a promotional keepsake – like a logoed shirt – can make an event even more special. “Live events is a great market,” says Kevin Scharnek, president of Wisconsin-based 14 West (asi/197092). “The challenge for distributors is keeping up the pace with these high service level clients.”

Of course, sometimes organizers are just looking for a simple item to give away as part of a promotion. Other marketers, though, want higher-end apparel that resonates with an event’s image. “Most of the time people are at an event because they are supporters,” says Jill Albers, executive director of global sales at Shumsky (asi/326300). “So, smart distributors pick items that are going to give great and lasting brand awareness.”

What kinds of promotions and apparel did Counselor’s editors find on the live events scene this year? Choose a scene and find out!