8 Ways To Be More Motivated

Examine your surrounding environment and desire in order to achieve more.

1. Consider the Bigger Picture
Continue to tell yourself why you do what you do. Maybe it’s because at your core, you love sales. Maybe it’s to pay for your kids’ college education, or to go on an exotic trip. Whatever motivates you to stick with your job, focus on that instead of the things you don’t like about it. If it helps, write it down and put it in a conspicuous spot during the day as a constant reminder.

2. Avoid Negative Self-Talk
After a call doesn’t go well, don’t give up, and definitely don’t call your significant other to complain. He or she will just reinforce those negative emotions, and it’s time you’re wasting harping on the past when there are more calls to make. Instead, take a walk to clear your head, then jump right into the next task. Don’t give in to the vicious cycle of negative self-perception.

3. Swap Success Stories
Find a few star performers at your company and ask if they’ll take some time to talk informally with you about their top sales tips. They can provide insight into how they closed a huge sale, or overcame a prospect’s objections, or stuck with it through a rough patch. You’ll be motivated by their advice, and also by the reality that you’re not alone with your challenges.

4. Look for Positivity
Surround yourself with positive co-workers who respect each other and are willing to help each other, and listen to motivational podcasts and audiobooks during the day. Negativity is contagious and can kill (or at least seriously injure) motivation and engagement. If your colleagues and manager aren’t fostering a positive environment, it might be time to find a company where they do.

5. Create Bite-Sized Goals
Setting your sales goal for the quarter, for example, is a good thing, but staying motivated means giving yourself short-term objectives to meet in order to realize that larger goal. Determine how many sales you’ll need to make a week in order to achieve your objective. It will give you reasons to celebrate your victories, which is motivating. Also, make a plan for each day the night before so when you hit the office, you’ll have a roadmap for the day and be more productive.

6. Record Your Victories
When you achieve something big – maybe it’s exceeding your quarterly sales goal, or successfully overcoming a prospect’s objections and making them into a client – write down a summary of the situation and how you successfully handled it. Display the account at your desk; when you’re feeling discouraged, you’ll be reminded that you have the capability to get the job done.

7. If You See Something, Say Something
If a co-worker goes above and beyond for you or a client, let them know face to face and let their supervisor know. If they don’t do it already, ask management to recognize employees in front of their colleagues. It will motivate them to keep up the good work and spread a positive vibe at the office.

8. Join a Networking Group
These regular gatherings bring together driven businesspeople, ften in the same geographic area, who mentor each other through challenges and offer solutions. They also network and engage in business transactions if the opportunity presents itself. You’ll learn new skills, pass your hard-earned advice to others and fine-tune your list of personal and professional goals.

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