Join the Promotional Products Supply Chain Through ASI

Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) is the world's largest membership organization serving the $23.2 billion promotional products industry. Any useful product, like a T-shirt or pen, imprinted with a business' logo or message is considered a promotional product. Businesses and organizations around the world use promo to increase brand recognition.

ASI membership gives you access to marketing services, sales tools, free education and networking events to help them build sustainable businesses.

Join ASI and choose from one of our ASI membership packages below to get everything you need to be successful in our industry.

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Distributor Membership

Do you have what it takes to sell promotional products and join a booming $23.2 billion dollar industry?

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Supplier Membership

Do you produce a product that could be a great promotional product?

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Decorator Membership

Do you know the two most popular types of decorating methods?

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ASI Equipment Membership

For companies that sell embroidery or screen printing equipment, an ASI equipment membership package is for you. Our powerful network of 25,000 ASI members are always looking to expand their services for their customers.

With an ASI equipment membership, we enable you to market your products directly to ASI distributors and suppliers who are looking for equipment solutions. Our equipment packages provide a full suite of marketing services to help get your products seen among the decision makers and purchasers of the industry.

Team up with ASI and learn how your products can be part of the bigger solution.
  • It’s all about the right audience. Whether you’re looking for screen printers, embroiderers or all suppliers, we have a customized equipment packages suitable for your audience.
  • More exposure to the right audience. Each equipment membership package combines the best of supplier membership benefits WITH an expanded advertising marketing campaign. This is more exposure, over more time, to the specific audience you are looking for.
ASI Canadian Membership

Are you located in Canada and want to be a promotional products distributor? Get ready to sell promo in this $23.2 billion industry with an ASI Canadian membership. ASI Canada has products, services and a dedicated team of experts just for you. ASI Canada's ESP and ESP Websites allow you and your customers to access Canadian-only products, view prices in Canadian currency and calculate taxes. You can even attend industry events in Canada to find new products and meet Canadian-friendly suppliers in person. You can also take free industry education classes.

Visit to learn more.

Interested in an ASI distributor membership? Contact Anthony Carroll at or (800) 546-1350 x3025.

Interested in an ASI Canadian membership? Contact our Canada ambassador, Michelle Merrifield at

L'adhésion du Canada

Êtes-vous situé au Canada et souhaitez-vous être un distributeur de produits promotionnels? Préparez-vous à vendre des promotions dans cette industrie de 25,8 milliards de dollars. ASI Canada met à votre disposition des produits, des services et une équipe d'experts dédiée. Les sites d’ASI Canada ESP et ESP Websites vous permettent, à vous et à vos clients, d'accéder à des produits exclusivement canadiens, d'afficher les prix en monnaie canadienne et de calculer les taxes. Vous pouvez même assister à des événements de l'industrie au Canada pour trouver de nouveaux produits et rencontrer personnellement des fournisseurs du marché Canadien. Vous pouvez également prendre des cours gratuits pour connaître l’industrie.

Visitez pour en savoir plus.

Intéressé par un abonnement distributeur? Contactez, Anthony Caroll, à l’adresse ou au (800) 546-1350, poste 3025.

Intéressé par une adhésion fournisseur? Contactez notre ambassadrice du Canada, Michelle Merrifield à

ASI International Membership

Are you located outside of the United States and interested in becoming a promotional product distributor? Do you have what it takes to sell promotional products and join a booming $23.2 billion dollar industry? There’s no big investment…no inventory to carry…no equipment to buy…no sales experience required. Best of all, with an ASI international membership, you have a distinct advantage over your competitors to help boost your profit potential.

ASI will supply you with all the tools you need to succeed—including insider industry information, business tools and world-class education.

To learn more about ASI membership, contact our multilingual representative Pablo Pizzichini at or 215-953-3095.

Membresía Internacional

Si su empresa se encuentra fuera de los Estados Unidos y está interesado en ser miembro distribuidor de productos promocionales y unirse a esta industria que produce $ 25.8 Billones de dólares de ventas anuales. ASI es su mejor opción. No requiere una gran inversión... no es necesario mantener un inventario... no necesita adquirir ninguna maquinaria...y tampoco requiere experiencia en ventas. Lo mejor de todo, como miembro internacional ASI, usted tiene una clara ventaja sobre sus competidores para ayudarle a incrementar su potencial de ganancias.

ASI le proporcionará todas las herramientas necesarias para obtener el éxito – incluyendo un amplio análisis de la industria, una eficiente plataforma operacional y la educación de alto nivel que nos caracteriza.

Para obtener más información sobre la membresía con ASI, comuníquese con nuestro representante bilingüe Pablo Pizzichini enviando un email a o llamando directo al 1-215-953-3095.

The Benefits of ASI Membership

An ASI membership gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors, providing exclusive benefits like top business tools, breaking industry news and world-class education that other industry organizations can’t provide. Your unique ASI number is the only true industry identifier, respected and recognized by industry professionals for more than 50 years.

Join ASI to enjoy our suite of benefits, including:

Award-Winning Research and Marketing

Our research team provides data to help our members show the value of promotional products and improve their business. Yearly reports include the State of the Industry, the Global Ad Impression Study and the State and Regional Report.

Access to the ASI Show Family of Events

Discover new products and make new business connections at our events throughout the year. Join us at three ASI Shows (Orlando, Fort Worth, Chicago), fASIlitate and ASI Show ConneX.

ASI Subscriptions

Reach end-buyers and maintain a professional reputation online with sales prospecting and credit reporting tools.

Savings on Business Services

ASI members enjoy exclusive savings on travel, ground shipping, office supplies and more.

Free Education and Resources

Through ASI University, as well as Education Day at ASI Show, you’ll have access to a library of resources to further your professional development and increase your industry knowledge.

New Product Information from Suppliers

Stay up to date with the latest updates from suppliers, including new product lines, catalogs, samples and sales info.


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