ASI Awards

ASI has several awards programs that run throughout the year, for both suppliers and distributors. Our awards honor the people and companies in the promotional products industry that are raising the bar through innovation, leadership and achievement. You will find brief descriptions of each award program, its approximate timeline and past recipients. All dates are subject to change. If you have any questions about the awards programs, you can contact your ASI rep or Managing Editor Joan Chaykin. For a PDF of an overview of all ASI awards, click here.

Counselor Awards

The editorial department generally begins to call for Counselor Awards nominations in February. An in-house committee determines the winners in each category. These exclusive accolades are typically awarded annually at the ASI Chicago show in July and published in the Counselor State of the Industry issue. Nominations are requested from the industry for the following categories.

Counselor Top 40

In addition to the Counselor Awards, the Top 40 suppliers and distributors in the industry based on North American promotional product sales are recognized at the Counselor Awards ceremony typically held at the ASI Show Chicago in July and published in the Counselor State of the Industry issue. This list is determined through an online survey that’s sent out beginning in January to ASI listed suppliers and distributors. Note: All sales figures must be shown in U.S. dollars and must be certified by CEO, CFO, owner or auditor. Click here to see the rules to qualify for Top 40.

Power 50

The Power 50 recognizes the most influential people in the promotional products industry. The list is announced at the ASI Power Summit typically in October. To arrive at the new list, we use the prior year’s Power 50 as a base and survey members of the industry, as well as members of the Power 50 themselves, to find out one simple thing: who lost power and influence over the past year and who gained more power. The results of that survey, along with any new nominations, help the in-house committee arrive at a list of 50 that is reordered from last year and includes some first timers. The editorial department generally begins the Power 50 survey process in July and the results are published on in October.